Portfolio update – March 2018

March… What a month! Started a little soft, but went up after that – for two weeks. Then straight down to losses. We have been quite confused about the volatility in the market so we haven’t bought any new stocks this month. We had our eyes on a stock called Tomra but in the process of talking it through the share price took off so we decided to wait. Maybe next month or maybe another stock. We will see.

Apart from this we had an overall loss of 4.2% which we of course aren’t happy with. It does however seem to be the whole market that is falling these days so maybe we can make additions to our portfolio cheaper next month. This could actually turn out to be good.

Our overall loss was helped down by almost all our stocks. We don’t have a donate button anywhere on the site, but if you want to help our portfolio please buy iron stuff from FMG and please don’t delete Facebook 🙂

Comparing our returns to the indexes we use as benchmark we are average, which helps on the mood. A wider diversification didn’t seem to have helped this month (but we are pursuing it anyways – more stocks more stocks!).

Lets hope April will get better!

2 thoughts on “Portfolio update – March 2018

  1. Yes, it was indeed a month with red numbers all over. My stock indexes fell with 2.9% as a weighted average. I’ll write a post about your single stock returns vs. my index returns at some point later this year. I can’t go into single stock investing, since I am not allowed to own single stocks due insider trading policies in consulting, although I think your approach sounds interesting 🙂 crossing fingers for a better April!

    1. Cool, being down 2.9% is probably not too bad for March.
      Sounds good. Let us know when it is up and about or if you need anything from us. We are happy to help or talk it through if you want.
      Aww all these compliance rules. haha. We are also restricted from freely trading because of jobs, but it is not impossible if you are flexible with timing and such.

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