Portfolio update – February 2018

February started out with some wild volatility in which we bought one new stock – Procter & Gamble. As you can see below that wasn’t the best idea, haha. Hopefully it will become a winner in the long run.

We ended up being down -2.4% which isn’t that bad compared to the indexes. In January we wrote about single stocks vs index funds and for that month we concluded that our returns was quite far from the index’s. Looking at the chart below, you can see that our return this month follows the returns from the indexes quite well. It shows that with a somewhat diversified portfolio as ours, you start to have a portfolio that tracks what happens in the market pretty good.

Even though our total portfolio tracked the indexes closely, the stocks within it performed very differently. Overall we lost money on most of our stocks, but the few winners we had, kept the overall performance to an acceptable level.

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    1. We are glad that you like it. We use Apple’s version of Excel called Numbers, which started to include stock information last year – super easy to use. It only works for Mac computers though, but Yahoo Finance and Google Finance have APIs for Excel as far as we know.

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