Portfolio update – April 2018

Do you know that feeling where you feel really good about something but then you find out that all the others are better off and then you feel a little bit down even though you were perfectly happy before? Thats is how we feel right now after running the numbers at the end of April. We knew our returns were good, but apparently the market was better. Well you can’t win every time..

Even though the indexes jumped ahead of us, it is funny to see how closely the three different collections of stocks developed. This just proves how correlated the financial markets are.

We didn’t invest in any new stocks in April, but we decided to try something new – P2P lending! We have created an account on the P2P lending platform Mintos and deposited DKK 10,000 (USD 1,600) on it. Lets see how this adventure turns out in the future. We have high expectations for it.

Our stock portfolio grew 3,25%, which is a very high return for a single month. Still pretty happy about this even though the indexes returned more.

Last month all our tech stocks took a hit after the internet privacy talks regarding Facebook. This month it seems all to be forgotten as the tech stocks rallied up again. Lets see if there will come regulation on this. For a company like Facebook, regulation might cause a few challenges, but it could turn out okay for them if it creates complexity that keeps newcomers away. It seems at least that the tech companies has a better understanding of their industry than the senators in the US. See this clip if you doubt that 😀

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