Our portfolio

Until now, you have heard a little about our view on investing, as well as gotten a guide to how to get started out easily (If you are a Dane). But how have we chosen to invest our money? In fact, we each have our portfolio, which we each manage, but for the sake of convenience we have planned to present our two portfolios as one single portfolio here on Talk About Finance.

Looking forward, we will be making a post about once a month with a brief summary of what we have invested in since then, as well as an update on how our investments have performed.

Our investments

As you can see, we have only invested in equities and equity ETFs, which is because we think the return on the bond market is currently too low, and because we are young and can withstand the extra risk that comes with equities.

Since we currently do not have high fixed costs (have full-time jobs, still live in our college apartment and have no children), our plan is currently to invest a large part of our salary on a regular basis. We still do not know what the money will be used for, but hope to see the savings grow and take advantage of starting to invest relatively early in our lives.


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