Dividend update – Q3 2017

Who doesn’t love watching money fly into one’s account without touching a finger? It almost sounds too easy but that is why we love our dividend paying stocks. After pressing the buy-button there is nothing more to do than wait and keep an eye on what the next dividend payout ratio will be. Despite our delight in dividend paying stocks, we have multiple times discussed whether we fool ourselves returnwise, as we pay our taxes at an earlier stage compared to owning a stock that accumulates the value instead of paying it out.

Our conclusion for now is, that the psychological happiness effect and the feeling that our investments pay off (in real life money) overweights the urge for doing math on the topic. Even though we love dividend stocks we do also invest in non-dividend stocks if we believe in the firm.

But now to the exciting part! How much have we actually received in dividend over the last quarter?

We got 930 DKK  (147 USD)!

The shown dividends are before taxes.

We plan to do a new dividend update after Q4.

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