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Welcome to our blog!

We are a couple who for a long time have talked about starting a blog focused on finance as it is an important topic that affects everyone, but is talked too little about – if you ask us. Everyday we are faced with financial decisions, all of which have a major impact on our lives, but despite this, we do not learn about personal finance at school, and only some people have talked about the topic at home.

Finance is an exciting topic for us, as it affects our everyday and future and consists of many variables we can control. Most everyday decisions affect our finances in one way or another, which is why we love to do math on opportunities and talk about how to save, invest and live.

With TalkAboutFinance we want to focus on the subject finance and tell about our thoughts about financial decisions. We both have the same financial education, but that does not mean that we can not disagree regarding financial or spending decisions, as financial decisions can not only be based on theory but also depends on priorities, risk tolerance and dreams.

We hope you want to read this blog and can be inspired by our thoughts and views.

Let’s talk about finance!


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