Portfolio update – September 2017

It is now the start of a new month so how did our portfolio perform in September?

Writing our first portfolio post earlier in September (Our portfolio) inspired us to go on a little stock spending spree, so we were quite active in September and bought three new stocks. We bought Intel, Salesforce and Facebook shares, so that kinda bumped up our tech exposure. Lets hope that it will prove to have been a good idea. Below is our portfolio as it looked ultimo September.

To compare our return to the market we have chosen to benchmark it against the American index S&P500 and an European ETF tracking MSCI Europe. Lets just say it as it is. September was not too good for our investments compared to the rest of the stock market…

Our portfolio

Until now, you have heard a little about our view on investing, as well as gotten a guide to how to get started out easily (If you are a Dane). But how have we chosen to invest our money? In fact, we each have our portfolio, which we each manage, but for the sake of convenience we have planned to present our two portfolios as one single portfolio here on Talk About Finance.

Looking forward, we will be making a post about once a month with a brief summary of what we have invested in since then, as well as an update on how our investments have performed.