Portfolio update – April 2018

Do you know that feeling where you feel really good about something but then you find out that all the others are better off and then you feel a little bit down even though you were perfectly happy before? Thats is how we feel right now after running the numbers at the end of April. We knew our returns were good, but apparently the market was better. Well you can’t win every time..

Even though the indexes jumped ahead of us, it is funny to see how closely the three different collections of stocks developed. This just proves how correlated the financial markets are.

Dividend update – Q1 2018

Q1 2018 is over and it is time for our quarterly dividend update.

As many annual reports are made during Q1, a lot of dividends are paid out in Q2 (at least for firms paying an annual dividend). This being said, we still received some sweet sweet dividends, which summed up to  768 DKK  (123 USD).

We have a strong feeling about the dividends for Q2 as we have already in start April received more than the total of Q1.

Even though we are not focusing solely on dividend stocks we have our own little goal to be able to fund af stock purchase by only using the received dividends. As we usually buy for a minimum of DKK 10.000 (USD 1650), we still have some way to go.

Portfolio update – March 2018

March… What a month! Started a little soft, but went up after that – for two weeks. Then straight down to losses. We have been quite confused about the volatility in the market so we haven’t bought any new stocks this month. We had our eyes on a stock called Tomra but in the process of talking it through the share price took off so we decided to wait. Maybe next month or maybe another stock. We will see.

Apart from this we had an overall loss of 4.2% which we of course aren’t happy with. It does however seem to be the whole market that is falling these days so maybe we can make additions to our portfolio cheaper next month. This could actually turn out to be good.

Portfolio update – February 2018

February started out with some wild volatility in which we bought one new stock – Procter & Gamble. As you can see below that wasn’t the best idea, haha. Hopefully it will become a winner in the long run.

We ended up being down -2.4% which isn’t that bad compared to the indexes. In January we wrote about single stocks vs index funds and for that month we concluded that our returns was quite far from the index’s. Looking at the chart below, you can see that our return this month follows the returns from the indexes quite well. It shows that with a somewhat diversified portfolio as ours, you start to have a portfolio that tracks what happens in the market pretty good.

Portfolio update – January 2018

January… Cold dark month here in Denmark so karma gave us some good returns to make up for it! But by the looks of the markets here in the beginning of February karma found out that we spend most of January on a bounty island in warm weather. Anyways February still have many days to surprise us so lets stick to January for now.

As we had spend a bit on the vacation we didn’t buy any new stocks in January so our portfolio remained the same.

We ended up being 1,5% down on currency, but there were some heavy hitters to make up for that so our return for the month was 3%. Please give us more of these months! Please.. PLEASE!

Dividend update – Q4 2017

We said it before, but we gladly repeat it: We love dividends 🙂

And now it is time for a new dividend update for the last quarter of 2017. This quarter we received twice as much as in Q3, which was primarily due to the high dividend paid out by Fortescue Metals Group. When we bought the stock the price was  pressured by high debt in the company, but it quickly managed to bring down the debt, which caused the price to recover and made the cash generation available for payouts. Hurray for buying a stock at the right time and for debt restructuring cases that goes right!

Portfolio update – December 2017

December update! – Did we get rich this month?

Maybe not rich, but for the first time we did better than both of our benchmarks. We actually did almost 2% better than the MSCI Europe index, which makes up for some of our underperformance the last months:

In December we once again made two investments. We bought stocks in the automotive company Daimler AG (we now feel we own part of a Mercedes 😉 ) and stocks in Reckitt Benckiser Group.

Our portfolio now looks like this:

To dig into the performance of the single stocks, you can get an overview here:

Portfolio update – November 2017

It’s time for the monthly portfolio update for November, and SORRY! we know we are late.

In November we have invested in Schouw & Co. A/S and increased our number of shares in ISS A/S. This showed up being a really bad idea in the short run as both stocks have fallen more than 10% in November – good thing we are long term investors.

Looking at our entire portfolio, November hasn’t been the best month.

We are down 3,62% in our currency. Our newly bought stocks combined with Vestas Wind Systems are the stocks with the worst performance this month and are big influencers in the negative return.

Portfolio update – October 2017

October has ended and we are ready for another portfolio update.

We didn’t buy any new stocks this month, so the development is based on the same portfolio as last month. This month our tech stocks did quite good as the whole sector rose in value after some good reports. We are overall very pleased with a monthly return of 1.75%. We hope to see more months like this!

Our portfolio did okay compared to the European index, but the S&P500 did way better as we had a few shares that fell quite a lot.

Dividend update – Q3 2017

Who doesn’t love watching money fly into one’s account without touching a finger? It almost sounds too easy but that is why we love our dividend paying stocks. After pressing the buy-button there is nothing more to do than wait and keep an eye on what the next dividend payout ratio will be. Despite our delight in dividend paying stocks, we have multiple times discussed whether we fool ourselves returnwise, as we pay our taxes at an earlier stage compared to owning a stock that accumulates the value instead of paying it out.