How do we all make money?

In rough terms, there are only two ways to make money. Trade your time for money or trade your capital/assets for money. Most people does both throughout their lives. They have a job where they trade their time for money and they have some assets in form of surplus capital in a savings account or in investments that generate some money.

With this in mind, there are only four ways to increase your income. On the “time for money” side, you can spend more time working or you can learn unique skills so you can demand a higher salary for your time. On the “asset for money” side, you can acquire more assets or use the ones you have more efficiently.

FIRE – an appealing concept

Financial independent, retiring early or FIRE as it is called for short, is a concept we have met over and over since we started this blog and began to read other blogs about personal finance. The concept is fairly simple – keep your expenses low and invest what you have left each month. Based on the articles we have read so far a rule of thumb is that you should save/invest at least 40% of your income every month. By living this way you will be able to live by passive income later in life and be able to retire early(ier). This is where we got very excited! Who wouldn’t love to be financially independent?

When should I start investing? – Early!

Have you ever thought: “I’ll start investing in a few years when I have more money.”? If you have, you are cheating yourself! Read this and find out why it makes sense to start now.

A lot of people postpone the start of their investments because they believe that they will earn more money later in life. They can therefore justify themselves to wait and thus instead use a little extra on house, car, clothes, etc. right now. This is a priority and we are not able to say if you are happier to spend the money now or wait. However, in this post we will try to motivate you to start investing early in your life using a small example. What we would like to show is that one of the most important factors of an investment is time.

Talk About Finance

Welcome to our blog!

We are a couple who for a long time have talked about starting a blog focused on finance as it is an important topic that affects everyone, but is talked too little about – if you ask us. Everyday we are faced with financial decisions, all of which have a major impact on our lives, but despite this, we do not learn about personal finance at school, and only some people have talked about the topic at home.

Finance is an exciting topic for us, as it affects our everyday and future and consists of many variables we can control. Most everyday decisions affect our finances in one way or another, which is why we love to do math on opportunities and talk about how to save, invest and live.