About Talk About Finance

We have made Talk About Finance to share our thoughts about financial issues and financial decisions, as we think it is important to talk about personal finance.

In our view, personal finance is both exciting and extremely important, as all of our decisions influence the size of our savings and what we can afford later in life. Talking about finance is for many a taboo, but how should we learn more about a topic if nobody talks about it? In our view, personal finance should be a subject at school, because too many people lack knowledge about financial issues like interest, loans and investments.

In our home, we speak openly about finance and often discuss how we best deal with our funds. As we both work full time and still live in our cheap studio apartment we are in a phase of our lives where we have some extra money to work with. We are both the kind of persons that like to see our savings grow and keep track of what we have in our accounts. We have decided to invest a part of our salary in stocks on regular basis, as we want to activate our money while not using it.

Even though we agree on most financial decisions, we still have certain subjects where we have different opinions. For example, we each have individual stock portfolios as we believe in different markets and companies. Financial decisions are not an exact science as individual priorities and dreams plays an important role.

We talk a lot about finance and hope to inspire everyone who reads along.
Let’s talk about finance