Even small costs take a big bite of your investments

When I was younger and first heard about investing I thought: “Wauw, this concept of my money working for money instead of me working for money is so smart that I’m probably not smart enough to do it”. But I considered myself smart enough to not just let anybody do it, so I went online and researched the different investment funds. After thorough googleling (wauw such skillz, huh?) I ended up picking a somewhat local fund based on past performance.

Was I as smart as I thought with this past performance research? The fund performed like its benchmark, but the costs made sure that I didn’t!

Our portfolio

Until now, you have heard a little about our view on investing, as well as gotten a guide to how to get started out easily (If you are a Dane). But how have we chosen to invest our money? In fact, we each have our portfolio, which we each manage, but for the sake of convenience we have planned to present our two portfolios as one single portfolio here on Talk About Finance.

Looking forward, we will be making a post about once a month with a brief summary of what we have invested in since then, as well as an update on how our investments have performed.

When should I start investing? – Early!

Have you ever thought: “I’ll start investing in a few years when I have more money.”? If you have, you are cheating yourself! Read this and find out why it makes sense to start now.

A lot of people postpone the start of their investments because they believe that they will earn more money later in life. They can therefore justify themselves to wait and thus instead use a little extra on house, car, clothes, etc. right now. This is a priority and we are not able to say if you are happier to spend the money now or wait. However, in this post we will try to motivate you to start investing early in your life using a small example. What we would like to show is that one of the most important factors of an investment is time.